Wednesday, September 15, 2010

PIEA 2011 Competition: Deadline December 2010

The Photo Imaging Education Association section of Photo Marketing Association International announces: The 2011 PIEA International Student-Teacher Photo Competition and Exhibition. As of 7/30/10 the 2011 Contest has over US$226,000.00 from 48 sponsors. This number is expected to rise!

Students compete by age group: 9th Grade & Below, 10-11-12th Grades (High School) and College & University levels. Students in 9th Grade & Below compete in single images only and the other student levels and teachers compete in both single images and portfolios. Prizes will be awarded in each category at the Grand, First, Second and Third Prize levels and to the schools of the Grand Prize winners. Specifics about the categories can be found at The Rules and Procedures link.

Students in the School of Communications may submit entries to Bill Barrett between 1 - 10 December, and entry fees will be paid for you.


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