Friday, August 20, 2010

Alumna Katie Clancy at Mad Art: Friday, 27 August 2010

Mad Art Gallery to Host Multimedia Benefit for Mexican Girls' Art Program

Over a year ago. St. Louis ex-patriate and Webster photo alumna Katie Clancy picked up her life and moved to the labyrinthine city of Guanajuato. Mexico. There, immersed in the unfamiliar and far from fluent in Spanish. she met the 30 young girls of Buen Pastor. a convent that provides foster core and education for at-risk females. Both inspired and troubled by their stories, she undertook the development of an after-school arts education program to help the
girls form and explore their nascent identities through writing and visual art.

Clancy has returned to St. Louis this month to raise money for the school, which is funded largely by private donation. In collaboration with Bad Shoe. a local women's literary and art magaZine, she is hosting a benefit at Mad Art Gallery on Friday, August 27th from 7 pm to midnight The event is a combined art show, poetry reading, and book release party that will feature Clancy's recent photography of Mexico and the writing in Bad Shoe's Summer Double Issue. The handmade magaZine's third edition juxtaposes the written work of twenty local women with reproductions of Clancy's stunning photos of Buen Pastor.

The event will include readings , a raffle , the art show. music by OJ Ben House. Mexican street food. and a special musical guest for a suggested donation of $2-5. New and previous issues of Bad Shoe will be for sale.

Proceeds benefit the eStudio 473 after-school program for the girls of Buen Pastor.

Mad Art Gallery
2727 South 12th Street
Sf Louis. MO 63118
(314) 771-8230


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