Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Call for Work: Deadline 25 May 2007

Call for artists at Art Coop's "The Pride Show"

Artists are invited to submit three works each in any medium or mixed media for exhibition at The Pride Show, opening June 8th at Art Coop.

The purpose of The Pride Show is to celebrate diversity among artists of all genders and sexual orientations coming together with pride in solidarity for one another.

In a time when a firestorm of fundamentalist bigotry has stolen the gay community's most basic human right, The Pride Show is an affirmation that while most of us aren't gay, we're all human. Therefore, exhibiting at Art Coop's The Pride Show is open to all artists without regard to gender or sexual orientation.

Whether GLBT or straight as an arrow, it's time for all kinds of St. Louis artists to exhibit together in solidarity at The Pride Show in a shared affirmation of human diversity and respect for each other that we all can take pride in.

For works submitted to be hung on the wall, each artist is generally limited to approximately 6' feet of horizontal wall space for the three works. Exceptions will be made for large works where necessary.

Art Coop charges no gallery commission on sales of your work, but there is a $25 entry fee per artist (not per work), payable on installation of your work. Exhibition is limited to the first 33 artists accepted.

Deadline for received submissions is May 25th. But don't delay submitting. Submissions will be reviewed as received and accepted or rejected only until we have 33 artists accepted.

To submit your work for review, send an email to with JPGs of your work attached, or provide a website address where we can see your work.


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