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Call for Work: 6 June 2016

Texas Photographic Society

29th Annual Members' Only Show

This year's Members' Only Show will be juried by Reid Callanan, founder and director of Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The call is open themed and welcomes submissions from artists of all levels internationally. Also, we are pleased to announce that the exhibition will hang in conjunction with FotoSeptiembre USA.

Calendar of Events
04-11-16  Call for entry announced
06-06-16  Deadline for entries
07-01-16  Exhibiting artists announced and emails sent to all entrants
08-19-16  Work due in San Antonio, Texas
09-01-16  Show opens at San Antonio Central Public Library in San Antonio, Texas
09-30-16  Show closes

First Place = $500

Second Place = $300

Third Place = $200

Up to 5 Honorable Mentions may be awarded

Entry Fees
Entry fee is $30 for 5 images, plus $6 for each additional image. Photographers may enter up to 10 images. Please don't forget to include your membership fee, if also joining TPS at the time of entry.

(Student membership is $20, regular membership is $40.)

The 29th Annual Members' Only Show is open to artists of all levels internationally. All photographic based work is encouraged including digital, silver and alternative processes. You MUST be a member of TPS to enter this competition (read more about TPS member benefits). If you are not currently a member, you may join TPS and enter this show at the same time. Works exhibited previously in a TPS show are not eligible, and all entries must be submitted digitally. Current members of the TPS Board of Directors are permitted to enter but are not eligible for awards.

Instructions for entry are outlined below, following the juror’s bio and statement.

About the Juror
Reid Callanan, founder and director of Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Reid Callanan is founder and director of the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, currently in its twenty-sixth year offering workshops to the international imaging community. In addition to educational programs in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Havana, Cuba, the Workshops partners with National Geographic to offer photography workshops around the world.

Juror’s Statement
I look at lots of images every day. Probably more than almost anyone in the photographic community, and I find this process exhilarating most of the time. Those few times when I am not so excited about looking at photographs are when the images are poorly crafted and not well considered. If I have to ask myself, "what am I looking at here?" —it's not a good sign. So, offer me photographs that have clarity in terms of what I am looking at and images that are well crafted. The second thing I enjoy is looking at images that surprise me—images I haven't seen before. This is a tough task in this day and age, but if you create images from your personal experience that tap into your emotions and imagination, I will take note and hopefully be surprised. Show me yourself in your photographs or something you are curious about. If I can't see you in your images, then I probably won't look for very long. . . .


Prepare Your Files
1. Files should be 1200 pixels in the longest dimension and saved in JPEG format on the highest quality setting. Images should also be saved in Adobe RGB color space.

2. Label each file as FirstName_Lastname_ followed by consecutive numbers. For example: Sam_Jones_1.jpg, Sam_Jones_2.jpg, etc. Please don't forget to include the "jpg" extension.

3. Do NOT use spaces in the file name, and do NOT use special characters such as :;’”/?}{()[ ]+=*&^%$#@! (use only alpha-numeric characters).

4. Please prepare the following information for each image: (1) print title; (2) print process/medium; and (3) price or NFS.

Submit Your Entries and Make Payment via Online Entry Form
Please select the “Enter Now” button above and follow the prompts to make your payment online (or by check) and then upload your files. If you experience difficulties with this online entry form, please notify TPS Executive Director Amy Holmes George at

TPS encourages the sales of exhibited work and will not seek commission. Please print your name, address, telephone number(s) and price on the back of each accepted piece. If your work is Not-For-Sale, simply note NFS but provide a dollar value for record-keeping purposes. If you do not indicate a sales price, the artwork will be listed as NFS.

TPS will exercise all due care when handling your work, but will not be held responsible for loss, damage or replacement.

TPS retains the right to display, project and reproduce work accepted for this exhibition for publicity and promotional purposes only. Individual photographers still retain copyright to his/her own individual images. Also, an exhibition catalog will be created to showcase the selected works.

If Your Work is Accepted
* Please note that our guidelines for this show have changed.

1. Artwork must be ready-to-hang using wire and must not exceed 36" in the longest dimension. If applicable, please use white mats and frames that are gallery quality and complement your work (color mats are not acceptable). Clearly label the back of your work with your full name and contact information. TPS reserves the right to exclude works from the exhibition that are not gallery-ready and professional in presentation.

2. Be sure to include a return shipping label/postage for prints to be shipped back to you when the exhibition concludes. Work WITHOUT return shipping will NOT be included in the exhibition and will NOT be returned. Prints will be returned in the container in which they were received. No packing “peanuts”, and please be considerate of our limited storage space when choosing your packaging.

3. Framed prints must arrive in San Antonio, Texas, no later than August 19, 2016.

If you have questions after reading all the guidelines, please contact us at


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