Monday, December 07, 2015

Call for Work: Deadline 16 December 2015

Image Credit: Katherine Long, Mass Consumption

Theme: FAUX
Fake wood, plastic surgery and imitation cheese, the world around us is staged with facades. We are surrounded by stand in's for the original, fabricated neighborhoods with identical houses and plastic rocks. Knock off designer goods and mass production meet our consumer demand and people find real comfort in artificial companionship.

Juror: Louise Clements is the Artistic Director of QUAD, a centre for contemporary art, film and new technologies in Derby UK, since 2001, and Artistic Director of FORMAT International Photography Festival since 2004.

Submission Deadline: 12/16/15
Submit 10 or more images and get a professional review of the images submitted.
Juror's Award: $400.00
Director's Award: $200.00 
The Center for Fine Art


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