Sunday, September 21, 2014

Speaker on wet plate collodion photography: Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Daniel Ballesteros will speak at Webster University in East Academic Building room 253/262 on Tuesday, 23 September, from noon - 1:20.

Daniel Ballesteros is a 2001 Webster photo alumnus, and is currently based in Brooklyn, NY, working with family members in St. Louis on his current project, "Midwest Filipino." In it he investigates the gap between his ethnic and cultural heritages. He is a Filipino-American from a family that began assimilating with midwest culture in the 1940's. He turned his camera on what remains of his family and the environment he grew up in to gain a greater understanding of how identity is formed and altered through generations.

Mr Ballesteros will show work, talk about his wet plate collodion process, his sponsored projects, his kit and how he gets his materials.

He is currently working as an Artist in Residence at the Luminary in St. Louis.


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