Friday, June 22, 2012

NPPA Short Grants: Deadline 16 July 2012

NPPA Short Grants: Six Great Stories Just Waiting to be Told

Budgets for newsrooms are shrinking and one of the greatest victims is the community photo story. Photographers don’t have the time or the funding that they used to have to work on compelling stories in their community.

The National Press Photographers Association is bringing back the community photo story through the NPPA Short Grants, with six awards of $3000 each.

A project funded by a short grant should be small in scale and focused, although the grant can be used to fund a small segment of a larger project. Staff photographers are encouraged to apply and complete the project during furlough, vacation or comp time. Independent photographers are also encouraged to apply. Priority is not based on employment status but on your ability to tell a great visual story, and on whether or not you have a great idea for a story that you haven’t told yet.


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