Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Photographer talks at MOBOT: Tuesday, 7 July and Friday, 18 September 2009

The Missouri Botanical Garden is pleased to offer lectures by two renowned photographers
this summer! Presentations are free; no reservation required.

Bobby Haas will present “The Art and Passion of Aerial Photography” on Tuesday, July 7th at 3
p.m., and nature photographer Frans Lanting will discuss his influential Madagascar exhibit on
Friday, September 18th at 10 a.m. Book signings will immediately follow each presentation.
Both presentations will be held in the Shoenberg Theater, Ridgway Visitor Center.

“Through the Eyes of the Condor,” an exhibit of dazzling images of Latin America by renowned
aerial photographer Robert B. Haas, will be on display at the Missouri Botanical Garden through
July 8. The images have been selected from Haas’ book, “Through the Eyes of the Condor: An
Aerial Vision of Latin America,” published by National Geographic. Since 2002, Haas has focused his artistic endeavors primarily on aerial photography, in an effort to capture the grandeur and mystique of Earth’s continents from this unique perspective.

“Madagascar: A World Out of Time,” an exhibit of compelling images by respected nature
photographer Frans Lanting will be on display at the Missouri Botanical Garden from July 10
through September 30. The Garden’s Science and Conservation Department conducts a great deal of botanical research in Madagascar, an island with plentiful natural resources, yet in critical need of conservation efforts.


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