Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Call for Work: Deadline 14-16 Junly 2017

"Organic by Nature" Exhibit

Call For Art focusing on organic shapes inspired by nature

In a series of exhibits highlighting the elements of art, Framations Art Gallery has touched on line, value and texture. Earlier this year, the gallery hosted an exhibit called Geometric by Design, which asked artists to use the element of shape to gear their compositions toward those focused designs. Now, in a companion exhibit, entitled Organic by Nature, the gallery is asking artists to change their way of thinking.

In this new exhibit, the gallery is challenging artists to explore instead the more irregular or free flowing shapes we see in nature. With no other limits to the subject matter, the gallery expects to see a wide array of works encompassing this theme. Gallery owner Sarah Merideth stated "Many artists might not even realize that their work might lean in one direction or the other, either towards the more geometric or towards the more organic. Here, we are asking artists to consider this concept in their work and see where that focus takes them."

Open to all media and subject matter within the organic element, Framations Art Gallery will be accepting walk in entries from artists from the St. Louis region for this exhibit the weekend of July 14 - 16. Framations is open 10-6 Friday and Saturday, and 12-5 on Sunday. There will be an Opening Reception for the exhibit on July 21: 6-8pm.

The Juror for this exhibit will be Victor Wang. His incorporation of collages of figures from China's Tang Dynasty represents his Chinese heritage and is a constant reminder for him of where he came from. The texture and earthiness on the canvas's surface are inspired by the texture of the soil on the farm where he worked in China.  As an artist, Wang's contemporary figurative work in oil often incorporates imagery inspired by the sunflower farms where he spent his childhood and later in life, in a "reeducation" camp during China's Cultural Revolution. Wang uses the human face as a vehicle to paint human experiences - worry and wonder, sadness and pleasure - which reflect the emotional stage directly tied to his immigration experiences.

Artists can find the full entry details, including size restrictions, at

218 North Main Street
Saint Charles MO 63301


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