Tuesday, October 23, 2012

May Gallery talk & opening Friday

May Gallery: Friday, 26 October 2012

May Gallery

Benedict J. Fernandez:
A Life's Work in Photography

Benedict J. Fernandez

Pro-Vietnam war demonstration, 1970

26 October - 21 November 2012

Opening Reception Friday, 26 October, 5-7 pm

With a conversation with Mr. Fernandez via teleconference on Friday, 26 October, at 3 pm in Sverdrup 101

The Wall Street journal wrote of this exhibition (which is currently also on view at the Robert Anderson Gallery in New York City), "(This is) a sampling of work from Benedict J. Fernandez's long career in photojournalism. Mr. Fernandez (b. 1936) does not belong to a photo agency and does not shoot on assignment. He self-selects his projects and, since he is not working against a deadline, works on them until he is satisfied; as a consequence, his pictures frequently have an art photography quality. Unlike much photojournalism that simply records an event, Mr. Fernandez creates images that distill its essence.

"The top half of "Wall Street, New York City" (1970) is dominated by a fluttering American flag, but the scene beneath Old Glory is one of strenuous conflict as hard-hat construction workers battle police during a demonstration in support of U.S. involvement in the war in Vietnam. The flag is backlit and light glances off the police helmets and the demonstrators' hard hats, charging the image with vitality. Mr. Fernandez shot both pro- and antiwar demonstrations, as well as actions in favor of, and against, the civil-rights movement." (22 Sept 2012, p. A-20)

Opening Reception Friday, 26 October, 5-7 pm

and in the Small Wall Gallery, 2012 Global Photo Cont


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