Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Photo workshop: photography in Tuscany

If you're interested, check back later. The course will most likely be added later as a Spring II course that you will be able to add. Dates are Monday May 10th to Sunday May 23rd.

This course will bring students to Tuscany and in particular to Florence and in the Chianti area. It will be organized as a two weeks course. The first week will be spent in Florence visiting the famous Alinari Institute and the MNAF (Museo Nazionale Alinari per la Fotografia). Visiting the Uffizi Gallery and seeing great art masterpieces, students will receive a deep introduction regarding creativity and composition in the visual arts starting from the Renaissance period to the contemporary world.

During the second part of the trip students and instructors will spend a week together in the gorgeous Florentine countryside in houses provided with a darkroom and photography facilities. Students will learn to use large format cameras (from 5x7 to 8x10 formats) and to print on contact on high quality silver gelatin fiber base paper. Students will learn to process sheet films in trays and to use different kind of developers such PMK (Pyro, Methol, Kodalk). Instructors will develop all the theoretical and practical aspects of large format photography bringing the students to photograph outside in small and typical Italian villages as well as in the natural environment. Walking tours and field trips to shoot with 35 mm cameras will be planned. Assignments will demonstrate mastery of technical skills and individual creative expression. Through presentations and discussions, students will gain familiarity with the critical and theoretical debates surrounding large format photography in general and the contact printing technique in particular.


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